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Weekly Update 2022-12-24

Start and grow at scale! Fiverr offers a global marketplace where new entrepreneurs can start a business, and existing founders and business owners can find high-quality outsourced talent for as little as $5 per gig. (Sponsor)

Fiverr is a marketplace for services that is time-tested. Its stock even trades as a public company in the US. If you want to start a business from home, you can sign up as a Fiverr affiliate in over 160 countries. If you're a new entrepreneur, you can hire a virtual assistant to research new business ideas or businesses to purchase for you or promote your business for as little as $5 using Fiverr Business.

  • $5 is the minimum cost of any gig
  • 4.1 million is the number of active buyers on the platform
  • $699 million is the number of gig sales in 2020
  • $242 is the average gig order by founders and business owners

See what Fiverr can do to help you start and grow your business.


Start A Business

Alternatives To Starting A Business From Scratch (11 minute read)

Many people think about starting a business but need help knowing where to start. This article by PillarFlow features 9 alternatives that can help you get started without starting from the ground up. They include alternatives like buying a business, starting a franchise, promoting products on marketplaces like Amazon, and many more.


Grow A Business

How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Business

Learn what content marketing is and how to leverage the power of Google, Bing, and other search engines.


Buy, Fund, or Invest In A Business

Grant Watch helps provide grants to businesses all over the world

Whether your business is in the US, Canada, or other countries, Grant watch is a free resource for finding grants to start, grow and buy businesses.



How this 31-year-old turned his side hustle into a $300,000 vending machine business: 'I only work 4 hours a week' (4 minute read)

This story covers how one person started their entrepreneurial journey in 2018 with two vending machines in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has grown their business to more than $300,000 a year across several states in 2022.

Why Everyone's Obsessed With ChatGPT, a Mind-Blowing AI Chatbot (8 minute read)

ChatGPT is the newest Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot grabbing everyone's attention. It was released in November, and more than a million people have tried it.

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